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Action Products, Inc. is the leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of shock-absorbing and pressure-relieving products. Our unique Akton® polymer is well-known and has been used for decades in the medical field, and has now proven itself in the non-medical industries for OEM and Custom Manufacturing.

In partnering with both large and small customers, Action Products Manufacturing and Technologies Group has found ways to apply our proprietary Akton® polymer to hundreds of different applications for shock absorption and vibration damping. No matter what the challenge, Action Products’ experience and dedication to innovation and quality results in the development of unique products with only the highest standards.

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Akton® Polymer

Action Products’ proprietary Akton® polymer is a unique shock-absorbing material that has been around for over 40 years. What started out as a scientific pursuit to develop padding for the medical industry is now used for hundreds of different applications…

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